Friday, November 20, 2009

The Long Waited First Post…

Jiu Zhai Gou, China 
I’ve been contemplating, talking, telling and “marketing” this idea for a while… 

It’s been so long that every time I come back from my travels, my friends thought they will see the blog that they’ve been promised. 

It’s been so long that the person closest to me (supposedly) thought I was all about talks…

So how did this idea come about?

The simple and short answer is that, over the years, I’ve developed two passions – traveling and photographing. 

The long story will take up more space and I will slowly share with you in my later posts.  So come back often. 

But the bottom line is, many times when I researched for places to travel to, I did not see enough pictures to give me good indications of whether that particular place is the kind that I’d enjoy.  You see, I’m a very visual person.  And my travel destinations are first based on visual attractiveness.  I thought if I had this need that’s not met, there could be others feeling the same way.  So I decided to have a means to share with like-minded travelers what I see on my trips. 

So how does "perspectives” fit into the picture? 

Well, I’m a believer in that life is a process where one learns and discovers about oneself (and others as well) and he/she morphs along the process.  As a well-known Chinese saying puts it, “Traveling millions of miles beats reading millions of books” (in my own non-sophisticated translation). 

Many frequent mileage members know that the quickest way to add up their mileage is to fly far.  So often times, I take myself out of my comfort zone and face a place that’s quite different from what we have gotten accustomed to in the US. 

Nonetheless, these trips showed me many alternative options in life.  They taught me to be more receptive and flexible with various ways of thinking, many times different from mine.  And traveling has helped me realized that there is not just black and white in things that we see in this world; there are many colors awaiting for us to experience.    

So finally, here I am, a self-alleged left-brainer-turned-right brainer trying to share the world that she’s experienced through her own eyes and trying to write down some thoughts as she experiences the unexpected in the places, the sceneries, and the people… 

However, it won’t be easy going it alone and I wish this blog will be more than a one-way flow of information and thought.  I’m looking for your comments because only through your feedback am I seeing the world in a yet different view again.

Thank you for your interest!  Looking forward to a fun trip together!